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Best Naval Games – People who like to watch criminal TV series, especially people who are related to Marines, may like NCIS, which was previously known as NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In the midst of this American police procedural television series there is a fictional team from a special agent from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

The Main Case Response Team demands criminal investigations involving the US Navy and Marine Corps. And despite the fact that these cases are high profile, very interesting and interesting, the special team that leads them consists of fictional agents with strong and very good characters. The team was led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, former Sergeant Gunnery in the United States Marine Corps, whose wife and daughter were killed while under NIS protection.

Best Naval Games

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, a former police officer and Gibbs considers it a younger version of himself, Abigail’s charming “Abby” Sciuto is a Gothic forensic specialist, Timothy McGee is a computer hacker, Ziva David is a former soldier in the Israeli Army whose sister was killed in the Hamas terrorist suicide bombing when he was sixteen …

And more convinced that everyone who likes to watch this TV series has asked themselves many times, how would it be if they were at the scene of a crime, took part of Gibbs’ team, took evidence, solved the case … Maybe it’s impossible, but everything is possible in the world of video games. NCSI or more valuable “NCIS: The Game from the TV Show” synchronizes to the list of iPod touch games and iPhone touch games.

“NCIS: The Game from the TV Show” appeared a month ago and has received good reviews so far. It can be said that this game is based on “hidden object games” and the task of the player is to complete 5 interesting cases, developed with the show’s creative team. Players become team members, explore crime scenes, collect evidence, examine results in the laboratory and look for potential suspects. All of these actions are quite realistic so that the “agent”, in a series of mini games, performs fingerprint matching, reconstructs chemicals, and even autopsies. This is a great opportunity to enter the Abby lab to get suitable molecules to make toxicology reports or in the Ducky lab to examine corpses for wounds and patterns.

One of the more interesting parts of the game is when the player is asked to interrogate additional characters and he can choose the weather he will be aggressive, neutral or friendly and his aim is to bring them to their peak. Choosing a tactic that wrongly takes the case to the wrong path and different tactics must be tried, to get an answer from the suspect.

The graphics and design of the game are pretty good, there are no problems identifying characters. The music and sound coincides with the gameplay and the scene too, so the fun is guaranteed.

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