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Best Lawn Games – December may not be the best time of the year to play grass games. But buying them is the whole story. However, grass games can be an extraordinary Christmas gift. At least Amazon seems to think so, as evidenced by their inclusion in “Toys” just one day during the “12 Days Offer.” A dozen games like this are being sold (everything can be seen on this link), and I have listed 5 below:

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in a good way) about the things we buy, but as much as we want, we can’t try them all. That’s why we have the People’s Choice, where we find the best reviews (ie four-fifth stars and many of them) products and choose the most convincing ones.

Best Lawn Games

While we have written about the best backyard pools and floating pools, and expert design furniture choices for small outdoor areas, here we are looking for the best outdoor games that you can find on Amazon. (Note that the review has been edited for length and clarity.)

Best Bocce-Ball Set

4.2 stars, 578 reviews
“Good set! I like the casing – everything is nested inside, including all nine balls and instructions. We like to play bocce balls, and really like this set. The mattress itself is well-made – the handle is sewn well and is very safe, and the zipper closes everything. These balls have perfect weight and are also well made. The color is really bright, and they only need to be wiped with a wet towel when you’re done playing to make it look new again. ”

$ 35 on Amazon

Best Game Disc

4.6 stars, 1,222 reviews
“I bought this product to anticipate a week of family on the beach. It’s nice that we left the cornhole board at home. The rules are a little complicated, but can be taken easily. Children from 7 to 12 years old can play, but adults really enter the strategy part of the game. The best part of the game is a quick step and full involvement of both partners in each throw. This product is very well made and easy to manage. I am sure lower-priced imitations are available, but I recommend the original, given these people who created the game. If you have a competitive crowd that likes to be active, this is a great purchase, and you will get hours of fun from it. ”

$ 40 on Amazon

Best Wood Cornhole Set

4.2 stars, 459 reviews
“Significantly heavier and more solid than expected. Quality is definitely made, and most importantly, we have the right to boast for a full-size cornhole set. Until you play this one, you won’t realize how important size is! The bag also feels heavy and professional – and I will be negligent not to mention the carrying bag, which is a good addition. All in all, a solid purchase. ”

$ 130 on Amazon

The Best Portable Cornhole Set

4.4 stars, 624 reviews
“Regulatory dimensions are easy to carry, lightweight, well-built, ready for fun on the beach, backyard and exploration. The first day, pulling it straight out of the box, installed in less than one minute, played for hours. We really want to see the difference in playing in this set versus the big wooden tournament we have. Even though we don’t have aspirations (or fantasies) to become cornhole professionals, we are still quite competitive and want a set with a somewhat regulatory dimension. We certainly have fun like in a wooden set. Actually, more than that, because we don’t need to drag a 40-kilogram wooden board into the garage. Just stored a bag in a frame, folded, grasped, and carried like a large square briefcase. ”

$ 125 on Amazon

The Best Giant Outdoor Board Game

4.2 stars, 107 reviews
“Buy this for a family party. It was great! Well made with beautiful pieces of wood. Easy regulation AND damage afterwards. (Suggestion: Save boxes and Styrofoam for storage!) Game pieces are made of sturdy plastic, and overall the game is a hit. Recommended for all ages. Even smaller kids have fun dropping chips. We adults have fun playing games that we all like when we are kids. One of my favorite Amazon purchases. ”

$ 100 on Amazon

Best Croquet Set

4 stars, 205 reviews
“Looking for the best quality set I can find for the lowest price for the first croquet tournament with adults, and I am very happy with this purchase. Complete the three-hour match with players who are infused with alcohol, and all the parts come out in great shape. I predict this set will last a long time. ”

$ 40 on Amazon

Best Badminton Set

4.4 stars, 162 reviews
“I have the remaining four sets of ‘Walmart type’ badminton in the garage. Lots of birdies and rackets, but the weakest point is cheap nets and poles. So I looked for other better options. We have this for business events. It’s a success! It looks like a professional set. Really well-built and easy to set up. Well packaged. I like bright yellow when we play till night until we can’t see anymore. ”

$ 76 on Amazon

Best Two-in-One Outdoor Game Set

4.3 stars, 283 reviews
“High-quality devices, with strong parts for nets, end posts, and pegs. Highly valued has a boundary line that comes with the set, because it is an easier way to set limits for two different sports. The arrangement itself only takes five minutes with two people involved (and that is without consulting manually). I have played with many cheaper sets, and almost without fail, they will start to fall apart in the first few hours of use. Instead, everything about this set is designed for takedowns and repetitive installations, with visible durability to enable them. ”

$ 94 on Amazon

The Best Outdoor Games for Children

4.6 stars, 1,226 reviews
“I bought this game for my 5-year-old grandson because he needed training with good motor skills and to learn good sportsmanship. This game is perfect for that and very fun for the whole family. We all played with him the first night arrived and loved it! My grandson is very happy to be able to make so many rings thrown into the peg, and at the end of the night, he is very proud to be a WINNER. It’s also easy to pick up and store. Now he wants his own game for his house! ”

$ 20 on Amazon

Best Outdoor Games for Children

4.3 stars, 944 reviews
“We bought this without hope. Cheap fun for nephews. This is a big hit! After dinner, we brought everyone out because it was getting dark. We have a large page, which you need. But they LOVE these things !!! They are small rockets that you attack into the air, they whistle when they shot, and when they gently fall back to the ground, they have a little light on them, which looks cool. Children have fun with them – they find that if you hold pieces of paper when you shoot them, they will even MORE in the air! That’s crazy. ”

$ 9 on Amazon

The Best Swedish-Import Outdoor Game

4.4 stars, 153 reviews
“After living in Scandinavia for several years, I learned to play a very popular page game that we called ‘the Vikings game’ a few years ago. Must have it now because I have moved back to the US. This product is made by high quality Bex. Exactly as I expected in terms of wood quality, quantity and size of wood. A very simple but very fun game (anyone who can throw a stick can play). Perfect for all types of grass or beach surfaces. ”

$ 116 on Amazon

The Best Outdoor Gag-Gift Game

4.3 stars, 280 reviews
“We like this game! Genius to generalize the playing field and create a social environment if you have a group of awkward nerds who usually play rule-based games. Only a few rules and no skills apply. No matter your athletic abilities, you can’t get a ‘skill’ in this game because the chicken goes where the chicken goes, no matter what. Again, perfect for leveling playing fields among players. Control of freaks and rule-worshipers – even though they might be annoyed at first – will be surprised by the pleasure they experience with their third throw. ”

$ 18 on Amazon

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