Best Gaming Mice Under 50, The best gaming mouse for Fortnite

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Best Gaming Mice Under 50 – In the crazy dash to win Fortnite Victory Royale, you will do many things. Whether you keep your character’s head above the player to make sure no one is trying to shoot you from a distance, quickly choose to loot, or perfect a movie shot at your enemy, you should be able to rely on your mouse. That’s why you want to have the best mouse for Fortnite.

The essence of every great gaming mouse is a good sensor that can keep moving fast for perfectly tracked destinations. Ever seen a land pro make a great shot just a moment after finding an enemy? It is muscle memory, knowing how far they need to move their hands to get a shot at the target, and they rely on their mouse sensors to be consistent like them.

Best Gaming Mice Under 50

Of course, after censorship, you also need to have a mouse that is reliable in other cases, sending your input as quickly as possible. Some additional buttons can also help you create shortcuts for your favorite gear slots from building needs. With all that in mind, we choose the best mouse you can get for Fortnite, whether you need cable, wireless, or just good.

It should come as no surprise that the best mouse in the game also helps you play playing Fortnite at the highest level. A key aspect of the SteelSeries Rival 600 is the TrueMove 3+ sensor. There is a little more importance to aim at than your own skills and mouse sensors that you have. You want your hand movements to be translated perfectly into the game, and the TrueMove 3+ sensor can do it while ensuring that it doesn’t track movement when you lift the mouse.

As if the best sensors in its class are not enough, Rival 600 has a great design, with dazzling lights in eight separate zones. The silicone grip makes it easy to hold, and a separate trigger button offers a reliable clicking experience. Three side buttons are just a few good additions, giving you an easy choice to map keybinds for your key construction or weapon slot.

If you have a busy desk space, more cable might be the last thing you want. And, with the possibility of the mouse wire getting stuck and messing up your goals, it makes sense to consider a wireless gaming mouse. This makes perfect sense when they can come as good as Corsair Dark Core RGB SE. It offers sensors with sensitivity up to 16,000 DPI, along with a polling rate of 1,000Hz and a response time of 1ms for performance equivalent to a wired mouse. And, with wireless Qi charging, you don’t need to plug in this mouse.

The design combines plastic and soft touch material for a comfortable and sure touch. You will also get many ways for special mapping buttons. Outside the main mouse button and scroll wheel, there is a profile switch button, two DPI buttons, front and rear buttons, and a sniper button that can reduce sensitivity instantly for enhanced purposes. Although Corsair customization software is not the easiest to use, it will let you map the Dark Core RGB SE buttons to perform different functions, and then you can map them to key controls on Fortnite. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want the perfect mouse to track the movements of your mouse, here it is. The SteelSeries Sensei 310 has the same TrueMove 3 optical sensor that makes Rival 600 an excellent player. That only lacks a second sensor that gives a more expensive rival than the detection of its lift. If you can live without a second sensor, then you can get a large score on Sensei 310 with 1-to-1 tracking at settings up to 3,500 DPI.

The Sensei 310 display is quite simple, with an ambidextrous design that sees two thumb buttons included on both sides of the mouse. The main mouse buttons are separate from the body for reliable and consistent clicks. And, the scroll wheel has textured silicon for a definite grip. Likewise, the sides have soft, textured silicon, so you will be able to take the mouse in the most panic moments at the end of the Fortnite match without groping and missed the shots that won the match. If you don’t need an ambidextrous design, Rival 310 does the same thing but with the right hand design …

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