Best Gaming Computer Case, The Best Gaming PC Cases (2019 Update)

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Best Gaming Computer Case – Today, we will help you buy the best gaming PC case for 2019. 2018 is a long year, but it shows us a lot of amazing chassis and PCs. To start 2019 correctly, especially if you make a new PC build, you have to start with one of our game build PCs. Each and every one of these has been thoroughly examined and verified for a high-quality building experience and pleasant building. Regardless of your budget or your needs, you will find the right computer case for you here.

Review of the Best Computer Case
Best ATX Case Full Tower – Corsair Graphite 780T

The first is our choice for the best ATX Case Full Tower, Corsair Graphite 780T. This is the biggest and biggest case on this list, and with most of it appearing many options for expansion and cooling.

Best Gaming Computer Case

If you are a fan of multi-drive settings, rejoice with the Graphite 780T ship with six 3.5-inch bays and three 2.5-inch chambers mounted on the side. Whether you are running a sleek SSD or a large RAID setting, this game casing must have the space you are looking for.

All three fans included are 140mm, which is slightly larger than your typical 120mm standard. This means that fans will push a little more air than usual, and thanks to the fact that you take out three out of the box, you already have enough air flow regulation from the start.

This large chassis is also suitable for new builders – regardless of size, or maybe because of that, assembling your first PC in this case should be very easy.

Large size for maximum expansion
Outstanding air flow – including three fans
Friendly builder chassis
200mm permits CPU cooling and 355mm permits GPU

Quite expensive
Acrylic windows are easily scratched

Best ATX Case Mid Tower – NZXT H500i

NZXT H500i is one of our favorite PC cases, and even a glimpse can tell you the reason. In its color configuration, it has a very slim aesthetic, which is even more enhanced by the included RGB lighting.

NZXT is not only satisfied to look beautiful, good: their casings offer an exceptional building experience and a solid quality of building. No sane person would come to you and tell you that the NZXT case is of low quality because that’s not the case.

In addition to the thin quality offered here, there is also a special compartment for your PSU, as well as a rear compartment for cable management. If you want the experience of building a clean and easy PC, the H500i is definitely ready to offer it.

Exceptional building quality and smooth aesthetics
RGB lighting
Two including fans
Cooled 165mm CPU permission and 381mm GPU permission
Tempered glass side panel

CAM software can be fragile

Smallest ATX Cassette – Corsair Carbide 400C

Our choice for the Smallest ATX Case is Corsair Carbide 400C, both because of the smallest ATX case we can find and because of its quality makes it the place on this list.

The general build quality of Carbide 400C is quite good, as expected from Corsair hardware. You will not find the problem of striking quality control with Corsair casings, even those with a lower price range like this.

Thanks to the full ATX designation, it still has good GPU and CPU cooling permissions, which should make serious gamers or air conditioners happy. The size also allows for many cooling options, so you who are fanatical about liquid cooling must be able to make room for the radiator or two in this case without a lot of problems.

Interestingly, this window case actually offers the right hinges and hooks for easy access to your PC’s internal, no thumb screws are needed. This is actually the only case that offers this feature on our list, and it must make routine maintenance and upgrading only a little less tedious to deal with.

Good building quality
Smaller size (for full ATX)
370mm GPU clearance and 170mm CPU cooler clearance
Intakes and exhaust fans are included for basic airflow
Fair price

Acrylic side panel window
Smaller sizes require a modular or semi-modular PSU for cable management

Best Micro ATX Case – Corsair Crystal Series 280X

When people talk about premium PC gaming casings, this is what they are talking about. Corsair Crystal Series 280X is really beautiful, especially in RGB and tempered glass configurations.

This premium quality does not stop with aesthetics, well – for your money, you get a cube that offers a star building experience. The rear compartment takes a significant portion of the case, but holds your PSU, your drive, and almost all of your cable management.

The experience of building with 280X is extraordinary, such as the aesthetics and quality of the building as a whole. It’s actually a bit surprising how many cooling options they managed to match with this Micro ATX case, but they succeeded without sacrificing GPU length or cable management.

The quality of the building is amazing
Tempered glass side panel
Two include RGB fans
Abundant cooling options (for Micro ATX casings)
Special compartments for PSUs and drives, making buildings easier
300mm GPU permission

Very expensive
CPU cooling permission is limited – only 150mm
Cooling for drives may be lacking – adding a small fan to the drive compartment is recommended if you experience high temperatures

Smallest Micro ATX Case – InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass

If all you want is the smallest Micro ATX case, congratulations: InWin 301 is exactly like that, there’s no question.

Regardless of the orientation of the tower, this is actually the smallest case of micro ATX we’ve ever found. It’s very compact, but still has a lot of permission for full-size GPUs or decent size air conditioners. It even has tempered glass, which is perfect for showing off the hardware you have installed in it!

InWin may not be as famous as other large manufacturers on this list, but the 301 release proves beyond doubt that they have the courage to compete with them. You can even choose the Type-C (301C) version with a little extra money … if you need Type-C.

The smallest Micro ATX mattress we can find
The quality of the building is great and tempered glass brings the aesthetic to the next level
Good price
Good I / O-Type-C support is also available at 301C
330mm GPU clearance and 160mm CPU cooler clearance

Limited cooling options – two entry fans or a radiator as input are the only choices for the front, with only one fan slot at the rear
There is no cable management compartment or any type of routing, even though the PSU compartment is here

The Best ITX Mini Case

If NZXT is something, they are consistent. Many of the same things we said about the H500i apply here. Exceptional aesthetics, there are many color choices, cable management and PSU installations that are outstanding, and the overall quality of the building is great!

Despite being a Mini ITX case, there is also plenty of room for your components. Full-size GPUs and air conditioners must match well in this case, and the available cooling options must be suitable for liquid cooling settings too.

Almost everything we say about the H500i applies here: the quality is the same as the smaller package, quite a lot.

Good building quality
RGB lighting and fan control support
Special compartment for PSU and cable management, although small in size
Abundant color choices
Permission 165 mm CPU cooler and 325mm GPU permission

A little expensive
Rather big for ITX cashing
CAM software is fragile

The Best Computer Case with Handles – Corsair Graphite Series 380T

In the world of gaming PC, one of the biggest problems faced by gamers is the lack of portability. Consoles and laptops are quite easy to carry around, but full desktops tend not … until now.

We found the Corsair Graphite Series 380T and decided that it was the best computer case with a handle. For some of you, portability alone can help make it the best PC case for 2019 overall!

The 380T is an ITX Mini casing with excellent airflow and portability, in addition to the ability to adjust to several full-sized GPUs. Aside from the InWin 301 mentioned above, this is pretty much your best choice for setting up a truly portable gaming PC desktop, thanks to the small form factor and grip.

Good build quality and small size
The shape factor and cube handle make this case very portable
Including 140mm and 120mm fans ensure basic airflow
A surprising number of cooling options and good overall air flow

A little expensive
290mm limited GPU permission and 150mm CPU cooling permission
Acrylic side panels and mesh designs make your hardware more difficult to see

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