Best Dungeon Crawl Board Game, Munchkin: The Card Game

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Best Dungeon Crawl Board Game – “Kill monsters. Steal the treasure. Stick your friend.”

These three principles, emblazoned in the box to the special Munchkin card game, are fairly accurate assessments of what you can expect when your group of 3-6 players sits to play the game. Munchkin is basically an underground crawling style role-playing game, only without pencils and paper, a heavy rulebook, and role playing. A lot of seriousness is removed too, because almost every card drips in the traditional satirical game of D & D style. The only humor built with cards is brilliantly illustrated by John Kovalic, who is famous for his Dork Tower comic series.

So, if you put out all the boring things from role playing, what does that mean, you ask? It’s a fast-paced game filled with monsters, booty, and level of experience. In the race to become the first player to reach level 10, you and your friends will find yourself working together to defeat bigger monsters, while constantly messing with each other regularly.

Best Dungeon Crawl Board Game

The funny nature of the game helps in relieving hatred when a player begins to feel elected, but the right crowd can still find themselves in a heated debate about sometimes ambiguous cards. Don’t take it too seriously. Munchkin’s publisher, Steve Jackson Games, of course not, with rules like, “Every dispute in the rules must be resolved with a hard argument with the game owner having the last word” and a card like Cheat that allows you to break the rules and complete the items. You usually won’t.

This game is played with two types of cards, door cards and treasure cards. All players start as level 1 humans with ‘no class (heh heh)’ with two of each type of card in your hand. The player’s turn starts by entering a new room in the basement by ‘kicking the door’ (by drawing a door card facing up). Door cards often consist of curses / traps, monsters, or cards that modify a player’s class or race. If players are not forced into battle by drawing monsters facing upwards, they can ‘seek trouble’ and choose to fight monsters by playing one of their hands. There are various monsters, ranging from Level 1 Plant Pot to level 20 Dragon Plutonium. However, be careful not to bite more than you can chew. Opposing players can make your fight harder by playing cards on your monsters that give bonuses like Enraged or Intelligent, increasing their fighting power.

Defeating monsters in battle will give you a level of experience and wealth. Treasure cards are usually items that change your combat ranks such as Gada Ketajaman or Big Rock or special cards like Bribe The GM With Food, which allows you to quickly go up one level. If you can’t defeat the monster, you have to throw dead to escape. Failing to escape and you are forced to deal with the Bad Things, the consequences of your defeat are unique to each monster. Lose the fight to level 10 Floating Nose and you may only lose one level. Ride against Bullrog level 18 and fail and you might get killed, forcing you to start again at level 1 and draw a new card. If you are in a narrow place, you can try to convince someone at the table to help you in battle, adding their battle rank to you, but they will not help you for free, and you may need to watch your back.

The game is published by Steve Jackson Games, a company that has created and published a myriad of card, board and role playing games for more than 30 years, including Car Wars, Chez Geek, and GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System). Since its original publication in 2001, Munchkin is one of the best-selling SJ Games. No wonder, because this is a fun and funny game, and good for small to medium groups. In addition to a number of expansions, there are also a number of spinoffs such as Munchkin Conan, Munchkin Zombies, The Good, The Bad and Munchkin with a western theme, and the upcoming Munchkin Apocalypse. Some Munchkin titles are available at your local Slackers today, and according to SJ Games, all spin-offs and expansions are compatible with the original Munchkin basic game.

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