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Best Coop Games Ps3 – Dangerous to go alone! Have fun with friends in our favorite co-op game
Video games can sometimes be hard dog eating places, hangouts. Whether you are repeatedly killed by the same Dark Soul boss repeatedly or ridiculed by the magic of the 11-year-old Call of Duty, the challenges they face can often change from pleasure to frustration. This is very annoying when you try to play a game to relax from a tense day.

Fortunately, the game can also present a good opportunity to play with other people and not just fight them. Here are some of our favorite co-op games of all time, ranging from various platforms, difficulties, and game styles. No matter what type of game you follow, you might find something to love here.

Best Coop Games Ps3


Borderlands 2 from Gearbox takes the shooting formula in the open world of the original game and gives it a better story with more entertaining characters. The result is one of the first loved ones of all time, and better when you play it with a friend.

As you explore abandoned areas and destroy buildings, Borderlands 2 scattered throughout the world, you have to use a combination of crazy weapons and your character’s unique ability to survive, and things get a little easier when you have a partner on your side. When we wait another 30 years for the third game to be announced, you can play Borderlands 2 on almost all platforms, including Vita.


The game began with a little rough launch, but Diablo III Blizzard has developed into a phenomenal action-role game from the king of the genre. The campaign is short but sweet, packed in lots of action and several boss battles where you and some friends can penetrate enemy mountains in search of better equipment.

With several classes to choose from, Reaper of Souls expansion, and new content streams that are constantly being released through “season,” Diablo III is a hobby class game that gets better when you bring some friends to join in the journey.


Yes, you can fully play Pokémon: Come on, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! as a single player game, and you tend to do it for most of your time with him. However, the second cooperative player mode made a great way to experience the joy of the Kanto region with friends, both young and old. By rocking the second Joy-Con controller, other players can immediately fall into your world, free to run around you and explore with you.

When you are dealing with another trainer, you can both work together to coordinate your movements and win battles, and when you catch Pokémon, you can manage your throw time to get a better chance of success. This is definitely not a traditional cooperative mode, but it does give fans who may not be ready to experience their own game a good first step towards Pokemon fandom for life.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 may have discarded the previous single player campaign mode for the option of a new battle royale, Blackout, but Treyarch did not ignore those who sought a useful cooperation experience. When launched, three different Zombies maps are included in the Black Ops 4, each offering very different settings to destroy the undead and survive as long as possible.

As happened in the previous Zombies mode, working with your teammates is very important, because you will need their help if you are destroyed by a bunch of zombies that you don’t see. With a wide, multi-level design, and various types of undead creatures running towards you, the Zombies Black Ops 4 mode is not easy, but it is very satisfying.


We are the first to admit that Sea of ​​Thieves Rare is light content when launched. This world-open online piracy adventure game reveals almost everything it has in a few hours of play, and it can certainly use an infusion of things to do and see. Players who only want to burn content are of no use, though: Sea of ​​Thieves is about people.

A loose framework for traveling to explore assets, fight skeletons, or transport cargo, is only intended to create opportunities for fun and exciting player interactions, both with your own crew and with other pirates you meet in the world.

It looks a lot like an MMO if you narrow it, but friendly is radically and easily accessible in practice, focuses on the game for a moment and creates stories rather than the development of metagames. Because of this, we cannot think of another game specifically made for mild and cooperative pleasure with friends.


If you want to feel the rush of competitive cooking shows like Chopped or Top Chef, Overcooked might be what you need. Up to four players control chefs who complete cooking challenges that generally involve a combination of collecting and cutting the right ingredients, cooking and coating.

The twist is that the level makes it difficult to get around the station: On one level, the kitchen is divided behind two flatbed trucks, moving along the highway at varying rates. Elsewhere, you are on a slippery iceberg. This is a very good balance of relatively simple tasks that add complexity when you shout at your friends and drive around, which is exactly what you want for a light local cooperative game.


As a modern video game, many entries in this list are sandy and realistic in style. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is the opposite: Bright, colorful, and cartoon, this is the explosion of pink and cute animals Lisa Frank who flew in space.

Up to four players who work together (or one with a dog friend controlled by artificial intelligence) drive a small round spaceship through levels to save cute animals from captivity.

Like in FTL, ships are divided into separate stations that control movement, weapons, shields, etc. There are always more stations than players, forcing you to run around to get things done. Very interesting, colorful fun.


While many of these co-op games focus on fun, fast, and light experiences that are relatively easy to fall into the hands of new players, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the opposite of spectrum: It’s an epic, fantasy, PC-style RPG with all the bells and whistle, but that is built from the ground up to be played cooperatively.

They don’t even have to work together! This game allows party members to actively work against each other if they choose. Among those social structures and highly systemic designs, which focus on simulation throughout, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is almost as close as digital games come to capture pen-and-paper roleplaying.

2 2 PORTALS (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

The original portal is a perfect, focused, and very influential game design, combining razor-sharp platforming physics that explores the core, gun portal mechanics, with funny writing on the master robot who taunts you, GLaDOS. The sequel is bigger and better at everything, with a very produced campaign, expanded cast, and new mechanics to explore.

For our purposes, it also adds a really good co-op campaign, completely separate from the single player story, which assigns two robot friends by completing a puzzle that requires two sets of portals. Doubling the number of portals in the game makes co-op campaigns really complicated at times, but all the more satisfying when you finish them, especially with friends.

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