Best Budget Gaming Monitor, Cheap gaming TV deals: save on 4K screens for your PC set-up

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Best Budget Gaming Monitor – As a PC gamer, you face a big question when considering your gaming life: a 4K monitor or TV? While monitors offer a better refresh rate and more choice of specialists for PCs, taking up cheap TV game offers can provide 4K and HDR is much cheaper. And some of the best 4K TVs now offer good response time, the right game mode, and additional PC compatibility like Steam Link.

However, the most obvious benefit is that you can make your PC as part of your family room settings if you plug it into a 4K TV, so you can switch between games and Netflix and regular TV without having to leave your sofa. Little Captain Obvious, really, but this is amazing when your rig is only integrated into your home entertainment settings.

Best Budget Gaming Monitor

Around this year, there are many cheap TV game offers that can be obtained, and because this is 2018, almost all TVs that you have now have 4K as standard, HDR10 or similar, and many USB 3.0 ports to signify various devices inside. But not all TVs are created equal, and some are more suitable for playing PCs than others. We get the best prices on 4K TVs below, and have looked to recommend TVs that play very well with PCs (although some are great deals, which will work well with your rig). And if you need more advice, here is the best 4K TV to play games in 2018.

Cheap US TV game transactions

Samsung 55 “4K QLED (Q8FN) | $ 1,697 ($ 100 discount)
This is one of our best 4K TVs for game picks. Getting a high-quality LED TV is worth the investment, because it is cheaper than Q9 but is comparable to its performance. Buy at Walmart.

Samsung 82 “QLED 4K TV | $ 2,895.00 (Save $ 500)
Want to really, really big? This Samsung QLED giant is usually sold for more than $ 3,000, but you can take it from Ebay at a lower price now.

Samsung 55 “4K QLED TV (Q6FN) | $ 1097 (discounted $ 400)
Upgrading to the QLED screen is very expensive, but transactions like this make the superior LED color range a more manageable price range. Not as good as Q8FN, but still good. Buy at Walmart.

Samsung 55 “4K QLED TV (Q7F) | $ 1,497 (discounted $ 402)
Many things on this TV sit between Q8 and Q6. Even though you can spend a little more and get Q8, this is a good savings on TV that lasts for years. Buy at Walmart.

US TV games are under $ 500

Toshiba 50 “4K Fire TV Edition | $ 329.99 (discount $ 70)
Want a medium-sized 4K TV for 300 dollars? Toshiba isn’t top-of-the-line, but it’s pretty well reviewed and the price is right. Buy on Amazon.

55-Inch TCL 4K Roku Smart LED TV | $ 349 (discount of $ 250)
Decent budget choices, and almost the lowest ever priced, namely $ 342 in July. TCL TVs are getting better every year, so this is a worthy purchase. Buy from Walmart.

Sharp LED TV HDR 55 “4K | $ 319 (discounted $ 180)
Walmart has this Sharp screen for $ 319, which is technically worth $ 180 from the price list (although not a big savings, since Black Friday). Buy at Walmart.

Cheap TV game transactions in the UK

LG OLED65C8PLA 65 “OLED 4K Smart TV HDR | £ 1,989 (£ 900 off)
Great low-latency 4K OLED HDR panel that is suitable for playing games. Version 65 “is currently at the lowest price we’ve ever seen, so you have to see if you can stretch your budget. Buy it on Amazon.

Sony Bravia KD55XF8096 55 “4K Smart TV | £ 699 (Save £ 500)
Good savings in a great set. Sony TV has a powerful processor, which makes them great for enhancing and creating better images on standard 4K images. Buy from Amazon.

British TV games under £ 500

Hisense 43-inch 4K TV | £ 279 (£ 50 discount)
If you are looking for 4K without dropping cash, this Smart TV supports HDR. Buy on Amazon UK

Ambilight Philips 4-inch 4K TV with HDR | £ 447 (€ 53 discount)
Recommended by our friends at What Hi-Fi, this TV is still doing cool ambient wall lighting that is in vogue recently. Not as cheap as on Black Friday, but there are still many. Buy on Amazon.

Samsung TV 4 inches 43 inches | £ 329 (discount £ 200)
This Samsung 4K HDR is good in terms of budget. It still remains HDR10, handles 4K well, and has a very good UI from Samsung. You can take this from Amazon.

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