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Best Bluetooth Gaming Mouse – Ready, Aim, Click: Buy the Right Gaming Mouse
Targeting, cutting, hacking, attacking: The main action you take in any PC game happens just by clicking on your mouse, so you can’t skimp on your weapon if you want to win. However, today, high quality blades for all but the cheapest gaming mouse, so you can be picky. At present, you should expect reliable connectivity, smooth and responsive tracking, and sharp click and scroll functions. That’s a table bet – more is needed to lift a “good” gaming mouse to “great”.

So, what makes a difference? Comfort and accuracy come more naturally in some models than others. An additional button in the right place can speed up the movement of modes or weapons, saving you from a small part of your life or death. And the right supporting software can support simple or complex shortcuts that determine defeat or victory. This is what to look for in a gaming mouse that fits.

Best Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

Sensors and Resolutions: Don’t Overthink ‘Em
Nailing a high-quality mouse sensor is difficult without having to directly use the given mouse. The two main types of sensors are “optical” and “laser” sensors, but you cannot apply absolute things when judging them. Your best bet is to try the mouse directly, or rely on formal reviews like ours, as well as online forums, to find out how the mouse feels in certain playing situations.

Cheaper mice tend to have optical sensors, which offer good tracking sensitivity and tend to map well on a variety of surfaces, including textured fabrics. Laser sensors, on the other hand, map to the same or more surface types (including some smooth or glossy ones that can provide suitable optical sensors), but they can be more fussy about rough surface textures. That said, we will not allow one type or another to be the main reason for you to choose the mouse. Likewise, some vendors market branded sensor versions that track, say, on glass or reflective surfaces. Don’t take it too seriously, because you can break the surface of challenging mousing with … $ 2 mousepad.

More important to look for is a suitable resolution range, measured in dots per inch (dpi), which allows for fine-grained and extensive tracking. Equally important are buttons or switches that allow you to adjust settings easily – not only in software. Mouse resolution is mostly a game of marketing numbers; You will use extreme dpi settings in a range of five digits only if you have one or more views with very high pixels, such as a 4K monitor, to mouse over. So don’t put a lot of stock, say, in a maximum setting of 10,000 dpi compared to 12,000 dpi. Either will serve you well in most real world conditions.

This (Still) Wired World: Mouse Interface
Game mice are designed with cable or wireless, but most of the current high-end models still, surprisingly, use an old USB cable to connect to your computer.

For a long time, competitive gamers preferred wired gaming mice rather than wireless ones to eliminate perceived latency, and the possibility of batteries running out in the midst of a hot match. Many serious players still hold that bias, but Razer, Logitech, and others have released high-end mice lately with low latency ratings that should satisfy all but the most extreme gamers.

More trouble is knowing how your mouse is connected to the host. The three main possibilities are USB (via ordinary cable), USB (wirelessly, via a USB RF dongle), or Bluetooth (also wireless, usually via Bluetooth host radio). Bluetooth is the least common of all three in gaming mice; it tends to be found more often in productivity or cellular mice. Note that some wireless models with rechargeable batteries are equipped with a USB charging cable that can double as a mouse cable when you back up, allowing you to continue to use your mouse with a low battery.

Mice specifically designed for RTS and MMO games, on the other hand, look very different. The most extreme is equipped with an array of 10 or more programmable buttons. Usually set just below the tip of the thumb, these buttons can function as simple shortcut triggers, or programmed to run longer macro commands. (For more about this mouse, see our special guide for the best mice for MMO games.)

Customization Software: Why It’s Important
As important as a shortcut key and turn off tracking speed is a software utility – if any – provided by the mouse maker for hardware.

All major gear manufacturers (and some minor) have developed their own mouse-control customization software, which usually includes advanced macro programming. Often, this software also allows you to control and adjust the game keyboard with the same brand. In addition to recording macro commands, this software dashboard allows you to activate game-specific profiles, specifically; create your own profile; and adjust the lighting on the mouse / bling LED. Many also offer presets for non-game use, allowing you to take advantage of the programmability of your mouse in Excel or Photoshop when you don’t blow up spaceships or poor zombies.

At this point, the main mouse maker software package has gone through generations of improvements, so they are slippery. Logitech Gaming System (LGS), Corsair Utility Engine (CUE), and Razer Synapse are three of the best mouse and keyboard control utilities that serve gamers. All offer sophisticated tweakability, with CUE considered by many users and reviewers as the deepest, but also the most difficult to master in depth.

Some less common items are worth looking for if you are a serious mouse tweaker. This software might control “lift distance”, or how far you can lift the mouse from the board or table before stopping tracking. Slider or, better, a wizard-style setting function will determine this in the utility, if any. Another feature is surface calibration, where mouse software runs a routine that optimizes the mouse and its sensors for the texture and surface properties of your mousing. On the more esoteric side: support for snapping corners (motion compensation features that help you move the mouse in a straight line) and to determine different resolutions for the X and Y axes (say, to track faster only sideways, to traverse a wide landscape in the world RTS).

Know that the presence or absence of special control utilities is a big differentiator between lower-class and high-end gaming mice. Some cheap gaming mice won’t have their own software. Without such a utility, you can only adjust mouse commands in the game (via the in-game menu) or in the settings of the Windows mouse itself. That is not always a bad thing; only know what you get, or not.

Tweakables Other Possibilities: Shape and Weight
To increase comfort, some mouse games allow you to adjust their actual body with your hands. Removable weight, often resembling small steel pills, is common in better gaming mice. Adding or removing this weight from the slot in the body of the mouse will shift the overall taste and number of drags. Some models take this further, letting you adjust the center of balance, or change the height and height of the palm rest.

Body tweaks are more radical than rare, but some models have broken swap-out side grips or screws to the left or right edge. Swinging sides can allow you to adjust the mouse to your “style” of personal grip, or to compensate for different hand sizes, if the mouse is to be used by more than one person.

Finally, note that most gaming-mouse designs carved for certain hands serve right-handed users. A little and far between, unfortunately, is a model that is only for left-handers. What left-handed users can expect is a good ambidextrous design.

Ready for our recommendations?
Finding the best gaming mouse for you is knowing the game style that you like, determining whether you will use more complex functions, and then changing the selected mouse according to your specific taste. Our advice above must equip you with what to look for; The list below, from our best gaming mouse, is a great place to start shopping.

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