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Best Android Hotspot App – What if you could get most of the new car technology facilities without buying it? Of course, there are aftermarket head units that support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, although aside from routing media through your car’s speakers and proving navigation, it won’t make your car smarter. They also spend a lot of money. That’s why the latest Sprint accessory, Sprint Drive, is very attractive. For some drivers with very old vehicles, this connected dongle offers many benefits. This is where the service succeeds and fails.

What is a Sprint Drive?
This is a $ 120 dongle plugged into your vehicle’s OBD-II port – the same one that your mechanic uses to find out why your check-engine light is on. And through that small port, Sprint Drive can monitor a lot of information about your car, such as the condition of the battery, the amount of fuel in the tank, the average distance and even the coolant temperature.

Best Android Hotspot App

Sprint Drive is also more than just maintenance. This dongle is equipped with LTE radio, allowing it to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices. It is also equipped with roadside assistance and GPS features for trip monitoring, which parents can use to set travel limits for their children. Sprint Drive synchronizes all this data to your mobile through a special application, every time your car runs.

Sprint Drive fees and data packages
The cost of all the driving facilities? It’s $ 120 for the dongle itself for 24 months in installments – that works up to $ 5 per month – in addition to either a 2GB data plan for $ 15 per month or an unlimited plan of $ 30 per month. In addition, you don’t need to be a Sprint wireless customer to use it.

Solid maintenance tool
If you are the type of driver who likes to follow all things related to your trip, you will love Sprint Drive. That’s especially true if your daily driver doesn’t have the modernity we receive today, like a travel computer.

The Sprint Drive interface with your car via an OBD-II port, usually found right under the steering wheel. These ports are federally mandated starting in 1996 – so if you swing a vehicle older than that, you might be out of luck.

The Sprint Drive application allows you to set notifications when certain aspects of your car need attention. The app’s main screen has a Vehicle Health menu, which offers accurate reports on battery voltage, intake and coolant temperature, as well as fuel percentage and mileage. If one of these parameters falls from the range of what is considered a good work order, the application will tell you about it. And if your car reports an OBD-II error code, the car will convey it to you too, and explain what it means in plain English.

Sprint Drive doesn’t use everything we want to know – even though it’s more of a mistake than the OBD-II platform rather than the dongle itself. I live in the Northeast, and this year’s time is right when everyone’s tires end up as high as a deflated basketball. It would be better if Sprint Drive conveyed tire pressures, but it was something that wasn’t equipped.

At least it’s very reliable when it comes to delivering data to your phone. For a month running with Sprint Drive in my car, I was surprised how quickly it pushed insights into my last trip to the server, so I could see that data on my cellphone. This is a small but important service achievement, because the dongle is not activated when your car is not running, and can therefore send data only when the car is on.

Parents will like it
If I am a parent, I would imagine I would feel peace of mind from the features of boundaries and curfew assisted by GPS Sprint Drive.

This allows you to set alerts based on the location and use of your car. Using the application, you can simply drop the pin on the map and set a radius to determine where the car is allowed to go. If the limit is exceeded, your cellphone will be notified. Like an alarm, this limit can also be programmed only to be active on certain days (for example, working days after 11pm).

In addition, you can set up Sprint Drive so that when your vehicle is turned on for a certain time, you will be notified for that. And through a travel history report, you can see data such as average and top speed, and record the number of times the car is accelerated or suddenly crushed. This application uses these numbers to determine driving scores on a scale of 100.

Hotspot function is added value
Since you might have brought your cellphone with you in a car, LTE Sprint Drive connectivity might not be too important for you. But it may be important for your passengers, who will have the ability to connect cellphones, tablets and game consoles to the internet using a dongle as a hotspot.

Again, we imagine this to be very useful for parents, whose children will surely enjoy the convenience of a stable internet connection on a long journey. Even so, having Sprint Drive running a mini Wi-Fi network in your car gives you additional data and ways to stream music without spending data costs on your mobile – which might be useful, depending on your situation.

Comfortable (although limited) roadside assistance
Sprint Drive gives you 24/7 roadside assistance, which is convenient if you are not included in services such as AAA. Indeed, it’s not the same as the actual AAA membership, even though you still get some benefits.

With Sprint Drive, you have the right to withdraw up to 15 miles free, deliver fuel up to 2 gallons, recover from sewers, change flat tires, jump in batteries and service if you are locked outside your vehicle. Of course there are some caveats to remember – each withdrawal or fuel exceeds the amount specified is charged to you, and Sprint allows you to use this service only a maximum of four times a year.

For reference, the most basic AAA package – AAA Classic, which offers the same relative perks as Sprint Drive – runs anywhere from $ 50 to $ 70 per year, depending on where you live. In some cases, AAA Classic is lower than what Sprint Drive gives you; for example, AAA Classic only gives you the right to withdraw towers within 5 miles. A higher $ 120 per year AAA Plus package, on the other hand, far exceeds the Sprint Drive feature, with free up-to-fuel and towing services of up to $ 100 miles, interruption fee reimbursement, and more.

Sprint Drive also offers a mechanical hotline that can help diagnose problems with your vehicle and direct you to one of 33,000 repair partners affiliated nationally if there is a problem.

Sprint Drive vs. Verizon Hum and AT & T Spark
Several other major operators have launched a connected car solution similar to Sprint Drive, such as Verizon with Hum + dongle and AT & T and Harman’s Spark. (Incidentally, Harman also developed Sprint Drive.)

The Hum set feature is mostly the same as Sprint Drive, although Hum X comes with Number Share and a speakerphone so you can make calls without a smartphone. Navigation is built into both models, as well as stolen vehicle assistance, so the dongle can transmit the location of your car to local law enforcement when requested.

Harman Spark costs $ 4 per month for dongles, and $ 5 per month for no LTE / Wi-Fi hotspot functions, or $ 30 per month for unlimited data. Spark also supports parking reservations and monitoring, so you will be notified if your vehicle is stolen or withdrawn. This application has space to keep a record of your services too.

Meanwhile, Sprint Drive with a 2GB package reaches $ 15 per month for data and $ 5 for devices, and if you choose to pay automatically, you can save $ 5 per billing cycle. It’s cheaper than Verizon and AT & T if you want some data, as long as it’s not limited. However, Harman Spark is the cheapest overall, costing $ 9 per month if the hotspot feature is not important to you. Meanwhile, Hum X offers the most cost-effective way to get unlimited data and several other benefits for $ 20 per month, plus a one-time $ 30 fee for activation.

The point
Sprint Drive is less about making your car smarter than making it safer. That said, it’s not for everyone.

If you have an older vehicle or a young driver’s parents, there are many who like it here. No, Sprint Drive will not turn your trip into a connected car; it adds no infotainment capability, to one. But that brings a lot of value regarding maintenance and safety, and limited Sprint roadside assistance is simple but simple. Moreover, the price is very reasonable for the 2GB plan.

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