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Best Alarm Clock App Android – Let’s face it, getting up in the morning is a challenge. If you are like most people, you have mastered the art of hitting the sleep button in your sleep, only to find yourself rushing out when you finally get up. Fortunately, there is no shortage of alarm clock applications for you to try. If you have trouble starting the day, here is the choice of the best alarm clock applications available for iPhone and Android devices.

Snap Me Up

Nobody really believes that those who “just wake up from sleep” selfies are the real thing – but what if they? What if your alarm stops relying on you photographing your sleepy face? For one thing, we are not so sure we will be happy to share it, but you have taken a selfie photo of Snap Me Up. That’s right – the only way to close this alarm is to aim at the sleepy selfie. When the alarm sounds, you will be asked to move to a brighter area so you can take a selfie in the morning, and then you have the option to share it with the world. This is a fun choice, and of course another way to get up.

Best Alarm Clock App Android

There is also a dream diary that is included in the application, but is otherwise a bit feature-blank compared to some of the other applications on this list. However, if you are looking for other ways to get up that don’t involve solving math problems, then give Snap Me Up a chance.

Soft alarm

Lots of fast and merciless alarm clocks launch you out of sleep, firing a burst of full volume sound into your relaxed bedroom, waking you up early and making your poor heart go ten dozen. But there is an easier way. A gentle alarm aims to lift you out of your sleep by slowly increasing the volume of your alarm, waking you up from time to time and hopefully waking you up more smoothly. This is an old application and hasn’t seen updates in more than two years now, but is still functioning, and is equipped with many amazing features. You can set certain sounds to wake you up from the big list of Gentle Alarms, or you can use your own music – and you can choose one song, album, or random choice from your entire collection.

If you are worried that you might sleep in an increased tone, there is a “safe alarm” feature that will sound your alarm at full volume after a soft alarm fails, and you can set your cellphone to give you small math puzzles or other challenges to prove that You are awake enough to turn off your alarm. Almost all features have customization options too, making it a tinkerer playground. Soft Alarm is only available for Android, but something like a Progressive Alarm Clock is a good iOS alternative.

Sleep Cycle

If you are looking for apps that track sleep and wake you up in the morning, Sleep Cycle can be the perfect alarm for you. Sleep Cycle uses your phone’s microphone and accelerometer to track your sleep patterns and use this data along with your alarm to wake you up gently in the morning. Even though awareness of your sleep patterns can help you wake up refreshed in the morning, don’t be obsessed if you are too fast or get up too early; Researchers believe that people who use sleep trackers sometimes have less sleep because they are too worried about their sleep patterns.

Sleep Cycles can be a little persistent; You need to test placing it in a different area to get the best results. Sleep Cycles seem to work a little better for sleeping together because pets and partners can confuse the application. If you like Sleep Cycle, there are many more sophisticated sleep trackers that you can check.


Alarmy has been chosen as the “most annoying alarm in the world” by users and publications around the world. If you are the type of person who can wake up just to turn off the alarm and immediately fall asleep, maybe Alarmy is the perfect alarm clock application for you. With an alarm, you must complete certain tasks to turn off your morning alarm. You can choose to shake your mobile or solve math problems. If you really need a jolt from the bed, Alarmy also has a mode that requires you to take pictures of certain rooms in your home to deactivate the alarm.

Xtreme Alarm Clock

Even though you will find that Xtreme Alarm Clock offers many of the same features as other alarm clock applications, this is one of the few applications that managed to do very well. Xtreme Alarm Clock offers an option to wake you up with an alarm that gets even faster. This application also has a mathematical problem feature for those who need a bit of brain teasing to get out of bed.

The snooze feature on the Xtreme Alarm Clock, however, is its greatest strength. The Xtreme Alarm Clock offers a choice of snooze methods, including extra large snooze buttons, pressing side buttons, or shaking the device. If you choose to pause, you can set the application to reduce the time duration between snooze beats, so you will wake up more often.


It’s a shame that FreakyAlarm is only available for iPhone because it offers so many cool features. FreakyAlarm has a non-stop notification system with a large catalog of alarms that are annoying, but effective. There are also options that require you to solve the puzzle to turn off your alarm. And to really get up, you can turn on FreakyAlarm which requires you to scan a particular product barcode if you want to turn off the alarm.

Walk Me Up!

Sometimes waking up requires more than a roaring alarm. By Walk Me Up! You have to get out of bed and actually walk 15 steps to turn off your morning alarm. For those of you who think you will be able to cheat the application by shaking your mobile, Walk Me Up! use your accelerometer to detect phone vibrations and automatically reset your step count.

Even though 15 steps may not be too visible, it should be enough to prevent you from jumping back into bed after you turn off the alarm.

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