At&t Prepaid Plans For Smartphones, Apple iPhone XR price, deals and financing at Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Costco and Best Buy

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At&t Prepaid Plans For Smartphones – Apple finished and cleaned up with all the details of the pre-ordering of the iPhone XR, the price and availability as what proved to be the best seller for this year, had just been contested. Now it’s time for Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile, and Sprint to ride the transaction bus. In addition, there are some well-known promos from popular retailers such as Best Buy or Costco, and we collect the ones announced so far below for your added convenience.

Price of Apple iPhone XR and Verizon promos

Verizon actually has a pretty generous offer on the iPhone XR. While AT & T requires you to add a DirecTV subscription to give you a $ 700 pseudo-BOGO deal in your bill credit, Verizon gives you $ 750 with fewer attached strings. Buy any iPhone XR in the Verizon device payment package and get up to $ 750 from the second with the same or smaller value.

At&t Prepaid Plans For Smartphones

Needless to say, you need at least one service line to be activated on one phone, but there are no trade-in requirements, and an agreement will be applied during the payment plan in the credit bill. In addition, you can get $ 100 from iPad and $ 50 for Apple Watch (one per person), and 25% for iPhone XR cases until October 25.

Price of Apple iPhone XR and AT & T promos

AT & T will not use jugulars, as usual, but offers a “BOGO” $ 700 promo promo recently for the flagship mobile towards the iPhone XR as well. You must buy both XR handsets on AT & T Next with a minimum wireless plan of $ 80 / month when combined after a discount and have DIRECTV services that start at $ 29.99 / month. $ 700 will then be applied to the second handset on credit after two billing cycles.

Price of Apple iPhone XR and promos on T-Mobile

The T-Mobile presser sent it to us by “getting unlimited 4 lines of T-Mobile Essentials and four iPhone XRs with only $ 40 per month per line on autopay.” If that sounds too good to be true, it’s because the offer requires trade-in, and the $ 40 phone plus monthly tag plan is for T-Mobile’s basic unlimited plans, and for a 36-month range.

If you agree with all these warnings, you can trade your old iPhone 7 to iPhone 8+, Galaxy S8, Note 8, Google Pixel / XL or Pixel 2 / 2XL, and LG V30 or G7 up to $ 390 in credit bills. The iPhone XR will then have $ 0 down and $ 20.84 per month for 36 months which leads to a full pre-credit price of $ 749.99. If you get the maximum trade-in value, which will be applied in the form of $ 10.83 in credit bills per month against iPhone XR payments, basically capturing your handset for around ten dollars per month.

Add the basic T-Mobile Essentials plan for $ 30 per month into the mix, and you achieve the promise of “four iPhone XRs for only $ 40 per month”. Many warnings, but if you like T-Mobile services, and wonder what to do with your old cellphone before you get the iPhone XR, the first deal on Apple’s latest handset will fit the bill.

Price of Apple iPhone XR and Sprint promos

Sprint offers a normal rental agreement that will allow customers to get a free iPhone XR with trade-in that meets the requirements and rental of Sprint Flex. The basic iPhone XR can be owned for free, after $ 31.25 credit bills, while the trade-in that qualifies for it is iPhone 7 and higher, Galaxy S9 or S8, Note 8, LG G7, or Google Pixel and Pixel 2 / XL. It’s pretty cool, and you can exchange it for a year to keep the cycle running.

The Apple iPhone XR deal at Costco

Choose a location Costco will have an iPhone XR of up to $ 390, after rebating the trade-in for your old cellphone via T-Mobile. You must send a rebate request at the link below with the COSTCOAPPLEXR promo code to get the item, and you will get a prepaid MasterCard in the amount of 6-8 weeks.

Why via T-Mobile? Well, buying your new iPhone XR must be used on a postpaid package with an operator, and you need to exchange your old cellphone that meets the requirements in the same order as XR. You can earn up to $ 390, depending on the conditions for the iPhone 7 to 8 Plus, the Galaxy S8, Note8, Pixel or Pixel 2 / XL, and LG V30 or G7, depending on their conditions, of course.

The old cellphone from this maker will make $ 250, and if you really want to get rid of the clunker, Costco and T-Mobile will exchange you, say, the iPhone SE or Galaxy S5, for $ 150 against the price of the new iPhone XR. This is the same agreement that T-Mobile offers in stores and online for the new iPhone XR, with the big difference that you get a number of trade-ins in one lump sum, not a credit bill.

Apple XR iPhone transacts at the Samm Club

Apple has just started pre-selling the iPhone XR, but the excitement of shopping that only Sam’s Club members have is ripe with an agreement only at the store.

Just like Apple, the Sysm Club will start ringing on orders for telephones past midnight Pacific Time, and if you place one on Sunday, October 21, the retailer will give you a $ 100 sweet gift card.

The iPhone XR must be activated in the October 26-28 period, too, on Verizon, AT & T, or Sprint. As always, T-Mobile doesn’t play well with their retailers and promotions, but it’s a topic for others, and rather long, stories.

Long story short, if you go to Sam’s Club and buy an iPhone XR on a payment plan with either Verizon, AT & T, or Sprint, you will get a $ 100 gift card for your grocery shopping for a week, which is as good as dealing with what whatever you might get from Apple on the iPhone.

XR starts at $ 749 for 64-gigger, the 128GB variant is $ 799, while the 256GB version costs $ 899, although we are pretty sure Apple will sell their shipload.

Apple iPhone XR deal at Best Buy

Best Buy won’t go all out this time, and will only give you up to $ 275 gift cards but requires a trade-in from the iPhone 7 Plus and for that. That’s not a generous trade-in offer out there, but it’s still a way to get rid of your old cellphone for the latest iPhone XR from Apple. Only shop deal to boot.

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