Arduino IoT Projects to Understand Arduino Function and Basic


There are lots of Arduino IoT projects that you can make with the interface but before getting to the ideas and whatever smart projects to create, you need to know what Arduino first. It gets you a better idea about the system and how you can maximize its potential to the highest level. So, what should you know first?

The Basic Facts

You are probably interested in the tech development where IoT application can be done around the house or office. You are probably imagining having an automatic lamp that can turn on and off with a clap or a hand or a coffee maker that will automatically brew the hot liquid (or heat it up) when its sensor detects human presence. If you are, then it is most likely you are interested in the microcontroller development.

Arduino IoT Projects

Arduino IoT Projects

The biggest problem with the microcontroller is the fact that it isn’t easy to program. That’s why you will need Arduino, the interface for microcontroller set up around Atmel ATmega processor. It is coming with programming environment as well as the language to create logic chip. Arduino is often used by software developer when they want to have an easier access to the microcontroller.

When it comes to Arduino, it is basically an open source with hardware and software specification. Being an open source means that people can create their own Arduino modules – letting them free in tweaking the system. If you want to create rather sophisticated Arduino IoT projects, there are some of the pre assembled modules that are sold with modest price.

Both Hardware and Software



The hardware is coming in various specs, such as small wearable item to bigger mounted surface modules. The main and primary computer connection can be made through USB although Ethernet serial form, and Bluetooth can also be used for such a purpose. For the software, which is free, is created based on the wiring language. Another cool thing about Arduino is that it is flexible and cross platform, which means that it can be used for different kinds of operating systems like OS Macintosh X, Linux, and Windows.

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The Projects

There are already some of the existing Arduino IoT projects being made, thanks to the simplicity offered by this system. Because Arduino is able to create a simpler pathways for interactive objects, several innovative projects have been done – and the results are pretty impressive. You see, Arduino is able to take inputs (from sensors and switches) and then deliver the controlled physical output (such as motors and lights). The framework is well used, allowing the system to interact with any software.

If you want to browse the net, you should be able to see several example projects, such as baby monitor able to send out SMS alerts or thermostat software controller. In the event that you are looking for a project related to the automation of the coffee machine, you should be able to find some of them.

In the end, you can see how useful and helpful Arduino is. If you have already understood the concept and you are interested in making your own innovations, the already existing Arduino IoT projects can be your guidance.



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