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Amazon Leapfrog Tablet – If you buy a tablet for your children, here are some of the best things you can find today. If you can afford it, the iPad Mini is the best children’s tablet overall and one of the few choices that will still be useful when they get older. If you have a tighter budget, Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is a durable tablet that is full of features that are currently the recommended Trusted Reviews, recommended kids tablets.

The way we test children’s tablets

Each tablet of the children we tested through our standard benchmark, screen and battery tests. All tablets are then given to children (or children) in the target age group, who inevitably provide a far better test of endurance than we have ever had. Children use the tablet every day for at least two weeks, make sure it goes through a period of recency, any problems are found, and all real-world uses are explored.

Amazon Leapfrog Tablet

Amazon Fire 10 HD Kids Edition


Amazing screen
Special software for children
Durable casing


The latest
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Like other Fire Kids Edition tablets, there are quite a few ordinary Fire tablets packed together with durable cases and some software tweaks. has the same 1080 x 1200 10.1-inch panel, 32GB of storage, and plastic.

What Amazon has added in a rubber protective case is either blue or pink and years of access to Prime services for Children, This allows your children to download, watch, and play age-appropriate content from the vast Amazon library.

iPad Mini 2


Amazing screen (for children’s tablets)
Premium design
Good battery life


More expensive than competition
Lack of Touch ID
The iPad Mini 2 may not be the newest small tablet from Apple, but this is the best value for money now.

Apple tablets are an expensive investment and it’s not really built to be thrown everywhere, but if you invest in difficult cases that are feasible like iSpeck iGuy can be made child-friendly. If you have a little extra money to burn, it also has a good supply of toy add-ons, such as an educational OSMO starter kit.

The iOS 9 iPad Mini 2 operating system also has a number of parental features that really make the iPad Mini more suitable for your children. You will be able to restrict the Safari web browser from displaying adult content and the ability to install applications. In addition, you can disable access to explicit content if you don’t want them to listen to music, podcasts with harsh words or more adult-themed TV shows.

With access to the App Store there are many children-friendly games, applications and ebooks for purchase and download. If you are able to spend a little more, iPad Mini is a tablet that can be used by parents and children, although it may be more suitable for children who are a little older.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition


Lots of high quality content
Warranty without a 2 year warranty
Sturdy casing
Good battery life


There is no screen protector
Don’t see offline videos

Amazon has once again made the best dedicated tablet for children, adding a sturdy tray box and lots of content to its Fire HD 8 slate. Buy this tablet and you not only get an impressive 12-hour battery, a decent 8-inch screen and 32GB of storage, but also a 12-month subscription to Fire For Kids services packed in books and TV shows aimed at children. .

We want to see the screen protector that is included along with the bumper case, and there are no Fire For Kids videos that can be saved offline. However, this is an amazing tablet.

Kurio Smart


Removable keyboard
Run on Windows 10
Free Office 365 years
Motion sensor


Below the average camera resolution
No USB port

Kurio Smart broke the trend for children’s tablets, taking the form of a Windows 10-powered slate with a removable keyboard. You could say it offers the best compromise of all tablets on our list, being proficient at work as well as playing.

This design-wise tablet is typical, with bright blue and white plastic that displays weight. However, related features, it’s basic. The tablet or dock does not include a full-size USB port. On the plus side, there is an HDMI connector, for doing homework on a larger screen.

The built-in screen has a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels, and while this shows itself in a bright panel with responsive touch controls, this will prove to be very low for anyone who has multi-tasking ambitions.

It’s also not too strong. The Intel Atom quad-core processor will be pushed to the limit with only a few web search and open tabs, but will easily handle some basic games and meet most of the children’s needs.

Battery life is very good; in long-term testing with a child who uses it every day, we find it lasts between six and seven hours with one charge, even though you still have to bring the power supply with you if possible.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition


Rough casing
Mass of children’s content
2 year warranty with no penalties


Cannot watch videos offline
Battery life can be better
There is no screen protector

We reviewed the Amazon Fire 7 tablet and were quite impressed. This tablet is cheap, compact, and offers reasonable performance – if not a star.

With the Children’s Edition, Amazon has bundled original tablets with blue or pink boxes, access to content stores without fire for children, and most importantly, a two-year damage guarantee.

This is an all-in-one package where you pay a premium, but it is definitely worth the money if this will be your children’s main entertainment device.

The tablet has a 7-inch IPS screen, 1024 x 600, which is good enough for most content – although we find reading text that is a little bit of a task. Battery life is just OK: You can expect around eight hours of simple use, even though this will be halved if you play games.

The Fire for Kids app is very good, with a store full of content that you can trust will be suitable for children under eight years. Here you can also set a time limit for certain activities. If you want to encourage your child to read, for example, you set a target for the amount of time spent reading.

You get full year access to the store, after that it costs £ 3.99 per month if you don’t have Amazon Prime, or 1.99 pounds per month if you do it. This can be converted into a set of four children for £ 7.99 and £ 4.99 each.

As far as one-stop-shop goes, Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is an amazing choice, but is undoubtedly expensive.

LeapFrog Epic


Perfect size for small hands
Right for the youngest tablet users
The LeapSearch browser offers pages curated by experts
Enables many user profiles


There is no cover of accidental damage
Screen quality can be better
Own brand applications are expensive

The LeapFrog Epic is ideal for children under five years. It offers a strong design and a very simple Android user interface. This is basic, so his age will be limited, both in terms of entertaining a child beyond a certain age and technical ability as well.

The first party LeapFrog application is available for devices, but this is quite expensive and we really found that loading the Amazon Appstore side is better with this device.

The 7-inch screen has a resolution of only 1,024 x 600. This is very low, and the panel quality is actually not very good, showing fairly calm colors.

On the plus side, is the ability to create multiple user profiles for several children – something that became a standard part of an Android tablet a few years ago.

With five hours of battery life, it will be easy to see younger children with just one sitting, but we recommend charging the battery regularly.

The best tablet for kids buying guides

The children’s tablet market isn’t great, so choosing the right slate for your child is actually quite difficult. Although some manufacturers are starting to market budget tablets as child-friendly products, and other brands throw products directly at children, they don’t always offer the best deals. To help any parent on the market for child-friendly tablets, we have sorted out the top-ranked tablets to give you five options that will certainly please every child.

In addition to costs, the main criteria for choosing children’s tablets must be the quality of their manufacture. Not only must it have a decent chassis surrounded by slightly rough material, but also, official IP splash proof ratings – like IP52 – will be a good addition too.

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