7 Inch Smartphone Android, Why the Nokia 7.1 is the best $350 Android phone you can buy today in the US

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7 Inch Smartphone Android – Cheap Android smartphones come in various shapes and sizes, but the quality can vary greatly. Some OEMs pay attention to the products and experiences that their customers buy, while others seem to slap a few parts and market them, never thinking about it again. Lately, I have tested the Nokia 7.1 – this is why I think this is the best affordable Android phone that you can buy today.

We have released a full review of our own Nokia 7.1 Damien Wilde, but because this is one of Nokia’s biggest releases in the US to date, I want to take it for spin on the US network. Of course, this device only works at AT & T and T-Mobile in the US, and I use it on a network before. The overall experience over the past week with this mobile phone has been very enjoyable overall, and I want to specify three main reasons why I think this is the best $ 350 cellphone that you can buy in the US right now.

7 Inch Smartphone Android

The Build
Nokia is a brand with a lot of history behind it, and solid strength is its greatest strength, and the most “meme-capable” aspect. While Nokia 7.1 does not have enough power than some older devices than the company, it has a very solid build that feels much more expensive than it should be for this caliber device.

Following the trend of metal and glass sandwiches, the Nokia 7.1 shows off a great design with chamfer-shaped metal edges and pointed glass. Blue also looks good and stands out from the crowd.

However, it is not perfect. The biggest disadvantage of building on this phone is how slippery it is. It might be the way glass is coated, but this cellphone wants to slide out of my hand continuously, and it falls off a lot of surface. Several times over the past few weeks I have turned off the cellphone from the speaker on my desk or slid off the couch. It sucks, but there’s no simple case that can’t be solved. It also helps with fingerprints.

Another thing I noticed quickly was enjoying Nokia 7.1 after using it for several days is the screen. While the LCD panel here is not the best quality you will find on the market – light bleed is actually quite common – still quite impressive for the device at this price point.

Nokia 7.1 uses a FHD LCD screen + 5.84 inches with an upward notch. Right off the bat, I will mention that notches are only a problem on this cellphone. Unless you are deliberately looking to bother you, you might forget that it is even there. Nokia can use a little more software, especially on Android Pie to make sure it doesn’t affect UI elements, but overall there is no concern when using the device.

I am not satisfied with this display in everyday use. Not often you will find a display this big and this is sharp on cheap Android phones, but the 19:09 panel is very good. The color is also good, and even supports HDR. There is also an enhanced HDR feature in the software, but nothing needs to be written home and the better the left is turned off.

In terms of size, I think the Nokia 7.1 screen also nailed. This screen has a thin bezel that makes it manageable, but it’s not too small so I have trouble typing with two hands on it. This is a good middle feeling that I feel.

So far the biggest reason I think Nokia 7.1 is the best Android phone for $ 350 that you can buy is the software. This might be shipped with outdated Android Oreo out of the box, but 7.1 is one of the many Nokia devices that are part of the Android One program.

Being an Android One means a number of things for this smartphone, and among them is a very clean OS version. There is no bloatware on Nokia 7.1, only Google applications and Nokia camera applications. That means better performance, and the phone is quite solid in that department, and more storage is available for end users. This also means faster updates. If Nokia 7.1 follows a track record of other Nokia devices, it will get regular security updates, as well as relatively fast main OS updates – Android Pie is on its way.

In my opinion, better software must be something consumers demand. Too much OEM Android, especially in the budget space, spends too much time focusing on hardware and basically ignoring software. Nokia is preparing a better example for others to follow.

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